Antelope Engineering have provided engineering excellence since 1969. With a global supply and support network that services Australia and New Zealand we specialise in providing world class service and products to the marine and offshore industries.

Fire Protection Assoc FPA Silver MemberWe deliver high quality innovative engineering solutions, through life maintenance and support.

Our specialised products, equipment and knowledge is sourced from around the globe and is used by commercial shipyards, private shipowners and port authorities.

With an extensive product range that includes:

we have completed major projects and installations in the energy commercial IT and industrial sectors.

Exclusive Partnerships

Antelope Engineering are the Australian and New Zealand distributors for the revolutionary Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system.

We provide the design, installation, commissioning, handover and training for this pioneering technology. Protecting people, property and business in a wide range of applications both on land and at sea.

Service and Support

We provide the highest standard of after service support that ensures all our clients enjoy efficient performance and long operational service.

Our emphasis on quick response times and our commitment to quality assurance, servicing and support means we also significantly reduce or eliminate your down time.

Our success relies on through-life care, our reputation, reliability, and on products built with absolute precision.

The Directors

Steve - Director Marine Sales & Technical Support

Steve is primarily responsible for marine sales and technical support. As a technical specialist in marine engineering Steve brings with him over 40 years of international marine industry knowledge and experience.

As an integral member of Antelope Engineering for 8 years he became a company director in 2011.

His time as a marine superintendent engineer throughout Europe, as technical manager in marine engine manufacturing and his 26 years experience in Australia and the Pacific has meant that Steve has completed projects on every continent of the globe.

As a third generation ‘seafarer’ his personable and methodical approach, technical skills and logistical understanding of the marine sector has ensured that he always exceeds the expectations our clients and suppliers.

Annette - Director Operations & Administration

Annette has been with Antelope Engineering for 30 years and has been a director since 2011. As the Administration Manager she oversees CFO, QR, sales, spare parts, transport and logistics.

Annette is determined to ensure that goods are delivered on schedule and all new shipbuilding schedules are adhered to keeping our customers downtime to a minimum. Annette has overseen spare parts and equipment deliveries for many major overhauls and emergency breakdowns throughout Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Southern hemisphere.

Annette finds it fulfilling to be able to secure the best possible lead times from suppliers and assist our clients to get their equipment and vessels back up and running as quickly as possible.

Casey - Director Sales & Product Support

Casey is responsible for Marioff HI-FOG® Fire Systems, marine sales and the through-life support for all Antelope Engineering projects.

With a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Casey has been with the company for 10 years and became a director in 2011. Having worked in the marine, industrial and offshore industries in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, PNG, Timor and throughout the Pacific Islands he brings specialised technical expertise and innovative practice to Antelope Engineering.

Casey ensures company consistency and workflow by sourcing and implementing leading edge technological solutions.

As a technical specialist Casey has overseen local projects ranging from energy supplier transformer stations through to critical data centers supporting some of Australia’s largest insurance groups. His international project and upgrade experience includes oil and gas – both land based and critical offshore facilities.

Casey’s passion for engineering is derived from finding the best solution for our customers requirements within the demands of the environment.

We provide precision-engineered solutions-Designed by experts with full after service support and quality assurance guaranteed.