Equipment Servicing
Australian Navy, DDG Vessels
About This Project

Over the last four years the Royal Australian Navy have taken delivery of three Hobart-class air warfare destroyers.

HMAS Hobart (III), HMAS Brisbane (III) and HMAS Sydney (V) are based on the Navantia designed F100 frigate and outfitted with the Aegis Combat System.

All three vessels were constructed in Australia by the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance and will provide air defence for accompanying ships in addition to land forces and infrastructure in coastal areas, and for self-protection against missiles and aircraft.

In February 2019 Antelope Engineering carried out a survey of the Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system currently protecting the machinery spaces on board HMAS Hobart to identify the maintenance tasks required to meet the OEM minimum service requirements and any applicable Australian standards.

Due to the Marioff HI-FOG® water mist fire protection system being supplied early in the build phase of the vessel it was identified that a ten year service was due in 2019 in order to ensure the HI-FOG® system remained in optimal working condition.

All high pressure pumps were overhauled, all unloader valves were inspected and all section valves were either overhauled and full function tested at our facility in Artarmon. All critical valves were removed for inspection and overhaul while all monitoring and control devices where tested and returned with NATA certified test certificates. The nitrogen and water cylinders were hydrostatically tested with all nitrogen cylinder gas valves upgraded to the Type 50 nitrogen valve for use in Australia. Seventeen new high pressure hoses were supplied with NATA certified test certificates and minor modifications to allow easier future maintenance and/or replacement.

This ten yearly service project involved comprehensive strategic planning, significant logistical challenges and detailed scheduling requirements, Antelope Engineering supplied the OEM certified personnel and the work was successfully completed with the assistance of Sofraco Engineering.

Antelope Engineering is committed to supporting the Marioff HI-FOG® systems supplied to the Royal Australian Navy by ensuring they are maintained as per OEM requirements as well as the relevant Australian standards and that the crew on board DDG vessels are confident in the HI-FOG® systems operation.
Antelope Engineering will continue to work with the Royal Australian Navy and the crew aboard HMAS Hobart, HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Sydney in implementing a preventative maintenance schedule and by offering through life support and training.

Antelope Engineering is committed to supporting the Marioff HI-FOG® systems currently in the field and to do so we carry a long list of spares for all types of HI-FOG® water mist systems including the EPU, SPU, GPU, MAU and DAU versions.